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PinkTails Aviation has joined with ShopWithScrip to raise money for important programs that begin to redefine the face of aviation.

Buy e-gift certificates from ShopWithScrip for everyday purchases and a percentage is instantly donated!

For security purposes, click the button above to obtain the unique enrollment code.

A win-win-win

Reduce the distance between family and friends 

Great for last-minute gifts

Give fun experiences - shopping, movies and food

You win!

Choose the card type ScripNow! and select from over 400 different retailers and restaurants from which to purchase an eCard.

The eCard will immediately be sent to your account—perfect for last minute purchases, including unplanned shopping trips or a quick bite to eat.

Simply pull up your eCard on your phone to checkout, or print it before you go to the store.

recipients win!

eCards can be delivered immediately or schedule to arrive in a friend’s inbox at a specific time for a surprise gift.

Plan birthday and holiday inbox deliveries for the whole year and never miss a special occasion again!

PinkTails Aviation Wins!

PinkTails Aviation will receive an immediate donation through the program.

Shopping for your family and friends benefits future female aviators. Thank you for your generosity! 

For security purposes, click the button above to obtain the unique enrollment code.

Special notes about purchases

ShopWithScrip offers a secure ACH online payment system via PrestoPay. Each transaction costs $0.15 no matter how many eCards are purchased at one time.

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards are accepted. Each transaction costs 2.6% of total eCard purchase price.

To reduce long processing time and extra shipping fees, physical gift cards are not being supported at this time

see your impact!

Purchase an eCard for $20.00 with an 8% or more rebate. You enjoy some "me" time and your immediate gift is at least $1.60.

Purchase an eCard "date night" such as dinner and a movie worth $150.00 with a 10% or more rebate. You and your significant other enjoy a relaxing evening and your immediate gift is at least $15.00.

Purchase an eCard "travel experience" such as airfare, theme park tickets, and lodging for $1200.00 with a 5% or more rebate. You make memories  and your immediate gift is at least $60.00.

You can help PinkTails Aviation achieve their goal of raising $1,000 by enjoying personal activities or fun events with family and friends!

The larger the rebate, the larger the gift!


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