When people become commercial pilots, they also agree to the mandatory retirement from their profession. The mandatory retirement age for a commercial pilot is 65, meaning that thousands of current employees will be aging out of the profession in the upcoming years. To compound the issue, aviation is a growing industry. 

  • The growth in online retail has created an increased need for freight and cargo aviation.
  • As more of the population has disposable income, travel by air has become standard.
  • Businesses are understanding the value of business and corporate aviation.

Between the aging out of pilots and the growth of aviation, Boeing predicts that over the next 20 years there will need to be 790,000 new pilots worldwide to meet the demand for commercial, freight, business, and corporate flights. One way to meet the demands is to introduce 50% of the untapped workforce to the possibility of a career in aviation.

Boeing's prediction of pilots needed

While other traditionally male-dominated disciplines are becoming gender integrated, aviation is not. With the growth in aviation, opportunities exist for women if the barriers can be removed.

discipline majority by gender
certificated female airplane pilots

note: this percentage does not include female student pilots nor military pilots

Women currently enter flight school at 1/6th the rate of men. With a dropout rate much higher than their male counterparts the opportunity exists to grow the number of female pilots. Private forums dedicated to women pursuing aviation, such as Ladies In Flight Training (LIFT), are littered with discussions by women actively looking for female service providers.

Your voice is critical to achieving gender integration in the aviation industry.

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